My Favorite Steak In Seattle Is At An Italian Joint?!

2/23/2011 1 photo 1 check-in here

Every time I visit Angelo’s I can’t help but order the Roquefort Port Wine Steak. This steak is a top quality rib steak charred to perfection topped with creamy roquefort with a bite; and sweet yet savory port wine sauce. This meal comes with crisp green salad, vegetable, pasta of the day and garlic bread. The wait staff has always been very accommodating; we’ve even ordered off the dinner menu at lunch time. When I moved away from Seattle I asked for the port wine sauce recipe, to my surprise they gave it to me. Over the years I have made this dish for out of town friends and family. Now whenever they visit Seattle, Angelo’s is always on their list of places we must visit. I never get tired of visiting Angelo’s.

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