Dim Sum Slow Service

Macky's Dim Sum


Last Saturday I asked my 8 year old grandson what he wanted for breakfast.He blurted out, “Dim Sum Grandma.” So we headed toward his Dad’s house and stopped at Macky’s Dim Sum in Issaquah. We were the first to arrive around 9:30 we were seated promptly and given tea and water. The waitress stopped by a couple of times to refill water. After that we didn’t see anyone until finally at 10:00 the steam cart was wheeled out from the back where it sat for another 10 to 15 minutes. Most of the restaurant staff was talking very loudly in the kitchen, one young man stood with his back toward us and when I called over to him he never responded. Finally I noticed he had ear phones on was listening to his I-pod and reading a magazine. Next some one finally wheeled the cart over, we made a couple of choices and then we never saw anyone again at our table. Everyone was still  in the back having a very grand time. Finally at 10:50 I went to the counter to pay our bill, that’s when they explained they were busy getting ready for Chinese New Year. They were lucky I was killing time before I was dropping my grandson off at Dad’s for a Birthday party at 11:00. The food after waiting such a long time was over cooked the sticky rice and shu mai were falling apart and saturated with water. This was not their best day, according to my son his visit’s have been great service and never over cooked food.

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