One of Northwest’s Favorite Fish and Chips

Walleys fish and chips

4/9/2012 1 photo 2 check-ins here

When we were seated the owner/manager was enthusiastic about the just flown in fresh halibut, after ordering the halibut and chips, and the cod and chips we could understand his enthusiasm. The halibut was very fresh and flaky, the cod was also very good. I love the Des Moines atmosphere while eating fish and chips. By the way if you like very thick chowder, it is also good. Our waitress was very attentive. The only thing I’d try to improve on, is there seems to be a smell from the kitchen, my husband says out smells like an old building. I say it smells like oil from the Fryer, maybe a little of both. Still worth the trip.
UPDATE: Wow these guys pay attention, the smell is completely gone. You gotta love it when a small business owner cares enough to fix the problem right away!

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