No Secret In Seattle-Great Carribbean Sandwich Spot


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The roast pork sandwich is a must! Paseo Roast Pork Sandwich
The sandwich is perfect, sweet roasted pork with caramelized onions, pickled jalapenos, aioli and romaine lettuce on a toasted baguette.  There is no sign out front just a long line. Don’t be late, if they run out there are many unhappy people.

Serious Pie


Serious Pie 

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The picture above was taken at a pizza making class Serious Pie offered to the public. Great gift for anyone that loves to cook!

My husband who likes pizza with simple toppings (pepperoni sausage and mushrooms) got a frown on his face when he saw the menu at Serious Pie. I ordered him the fennel sausage and roasted peppers pizza; he looked mad but didn’t say a word. When the pizza arrived he looked skeptical; picked it up and took a bite then finished his pizza. Next he asked me if I was going to finish my pizza; and if not could he finish it for me. I didn’t think I’d ever see him eat truffle cheese and chanterelles. Now he’s eating the pizza with Penn cove clams. This really isn’t pizza; it’s in a class of its own.
Every time I go, when I first bite into that crust I am reminded of why I love this pizza so much. I love the community seating; Seattleites are easy to talk to and so interesting. The atmosphere is warm with the wood fired pizza oven facing the dining area; the wait staff is on top of things and makes sure you don’t miss a thing. They also have a great happy hour 3PM to 5PM half pizzas for $5
The wait can be long so be prepared to give them your phone number and go browse nearby shops maybe at Westlake Center.


Sushi In Kent WORTH The Trip

California Monster Sushi

12/8/2010 3 check-ins here

One of the freshest sushi I’ve had and the largest pieces of fish I’ve had NO SKIMPIMG HERE. Many choices like California roll $1.00 rainbow roll $2.00. Too many choices to choose from. Try them you’ll love them!
UPDATE: These guys have had to raise their prices, but still a very good value.