Dim Sum Slow Service

Macky's Dim Sum


Last Saturday I asked my 8 year old grandson what he wanted for breakfast.He blurted out, “Dim Sum Grandma.” So we headed toward his Dad’s house and stopped at Macky’s Dim Sum in Issaquah. We were the first to arrive around 9:30 we were seated promptly and given tea and water. The waitress stopped by a couple of times to refill water. After that we didn’t see anyone until finally at 10:00 the steam cart was wheeled out from the back where it sat for another 10 to 15 minutes. Most of the restaurant staff was talking very loudly in the kitchen, one young man stood with his back toward us and when I called over to him he never responded. Finally I noticed he had ear phones on was listening to his I-pod and reading a magazine. Next some one finally wheeled the cart over, we made a couple of choices and then we never saw anyone again at our table. Everyone was still  in the back having a very grand time. Finally at 10:50 I went to the counter to pay our bill, that’s when they explained they were busy getting ready for Chinese New Year. They were lucky I was killing time before I was dropping my grandson off at Dad’s for a Birthday party at 11:00. The food after waiting such a long time was over cooked the sticky rice and shu mai were falling apart and saturated with water. This was not their best day, according to my son his visit’s have been great service and never over cooked food.

Mom and Pop Soul Food

Serious Soul Fried Chicken w-mac n cheese


After seeing some great reviews for this place I talked my husband into heading to Federal Way for some pork chops or fried chicken. I continued to read the reviews and saw an awesome tip, order ahead of time because it takes 20 to 25 minutes to cook the chicken. I ordered before we left the house and we were served shortly after we arrived. The fried chicken was so moist when I pulled apart the breast, juice ran down my hand. It was seasoned perfectly, hot, moist and crisp. My husbands pork chops were also very good, just like the chicken they were seasoned perfectly and were tender and crispy. The sides were also good, I can’t wait to try some of the other sides and the chicken and waffles the next time we go. Their coconut cake on the counter looked awesome, maybe next time we will save room for dessert. One last thing the service was wonderful, everyone was so cheerful and helpful it made it such a pleasure to visit this little cafe.

One of Northwest’s Favorite Fish and Chips

Walleys fish and chips

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When we were seated the owner/manager was enthusiastic about the just flown in fresh halibut, after ordering the halibut and chips, and the cod and chips we could understand his enthusiasm. The halibut was very fresh and flaky, the cod was also very good. I love the Des Moines atmosphere while eating fish and chips. By the way if you like very thick chowder, it is also good. Our waitress was very attentive. The only thing I’d try to improve on, is there seems to be a smell from the kitchen, my husband says out smells like an old building. I say it smells like oil from the Fryer, maybe a little of both. Still worth the trip.
UPDATE: Wow these guys pay attention, the smell is completely gone. You gotta love it when a small business owner cares enough to fix the problem right away!

Awesome Meat Shop Serves Lunch

The Swinery 

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The Swinery Slider


I loved the chorizo sliders, the swine fries (fried in pork fat) and the BLT. The staff was helpful and they had many choices of gourmet foods with a fresh meat counter and a cured meat counter. I rated them only 3 stars because they only provided two stools at a counter for their lunch and brunch menu items. So no parties more than two and only one party at a time unless you are ordering to go. Since they are close to several parks including Alki they would be at the top of my list of places to, order to go.

My Favorite Steak In Seattle Is At An Italian Joint?!

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Every time I visit Angelo’s I can’t help but order the Roquefort Port Wine Steak. This steak is a top quality rib steak charred to perfection topped with creamy roquefort with a bite; and sweet yet savory port wine sauce. This meal comes with crisp green salad, vegetable, pasta of the day and garlic bread. The wait staff has always been very accommodating; we’ve even ordered off the dinner menu at lunch time. When I moved away from Seattle I asked for the port wine sauce recipe, to my surprise they gave it to me. Over the years I have made this dish for out of town friends and family. Now whenever they visit Seattle, Angelo’s is always on their list of places we must visit. I never get tired of visiting Angelo’s.

Casual French Food At It’s Finest

Cafe' Presse Croque MadameCafé Presse 

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This is just like some of the cafe’s we enjoyed while visiting France. Everything smelled and looked so good. I had the Croque Madame very good and a good size for me but not for anyone very hungry, they should also order soup, salad and or pomme frites. There were many good choices. The service was spot on. I would definitely go back.

Seattle has a great Delicatessen

Tat’s Delicatessen 

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Tat's Sandwich


Wow you gotta love this place! By 11:45 AM there was a line going out the door. The employees kept that line moving the whole time we were there, but the line never ended. I can see why, the sandwiches are authentic and made with the freshest ingredients. I had the 8″ cheese steak and my friend had the 8″ Tat’strami. They both looked incredible and after giving it a real effort, both of us could only eat half. Leftovers can be a good thing, and in this case they definitely are.

Costco Prime Steaks


I love Costco Prime beef, so many steaks are to choose from all of them are excellent. I cook them on a charcoal grill 6.5 minutes per side depending on thickness. A little sea salt and pepper; let them rest for 15 to 20 minutes and they are perfect. Use that 15 to 20 minutes to finish whatever sides you have planned that way you aren’t just waiting for the steaks and there is nothing worse than being hungry and having great food sitting in front of you, 15 to 20 minutes seems like a life time! Happy grilling.

No Secret In Seattle-Great Carribbean Sandwich Spot


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The roast pork sandwich is a must! Paseo Roast Pork Sandwich
The sandwich is perfect, sweet roasted pork with caramelized onions, pickled jalapenos, aioli and romaine lettuce on a toasted baguette.  There is no sign out front just a long line. Don’t be late, if they run out there are many unhappy people.